Poetistic Meetup 1.0


About the event

šŸŽ™ Poetry Recitals:
Experience the thrill of live sher-o-shayari as attendees take the stage to recite their original works. Be moved, inspired, and perhaps even find a new favorite poet among your peers.

šŸ§  Quizzes & Games:
Test your poetic knowledge and have fun with our specially curated quizzes and word games. A perfect opportunity to learn, laugh, and bond with fellow poetry lovers.

šŸ¤ Networking & Socializing:
Mingle with a diverse community of poets and poetry lovers. Exchange ideas, get feedback on your work, and make lasting connections that go beyond the event.

šŸŽ‰ Special Highlights:
Guest speakers from the world of poetry and literature. Interactive workshops to hone your poetic skills. Exciting prizes and giveaways for quiz and game winners.

āœļø Registration Details:
Sign up now to secure your spot. Registration is free and open to all. Limited spots available ā€“ first come, first served!

šŸ”— Join Us:
Be a part of this unforgettable day where words weave magic and friendships are forged. Register now and mark your calendar for a poetic adventure like no other!